Friday, January 8, 2010

When your Intuition Goes Wrong

Not every reading I give goes well. About once every six months or so I run into someone who was either coerced into having a reading who really didn’t want one or a person who is angry and doesn’t want to believe that the afterlife is a possibility. I always encourage people to be skeptical. Being skeptical however does not mean being narrow-minded.

I know that some of you who are learning to give readings might run into the same kind of ordeals that I have. The hardest chapter when writing my book was about when readings go wrong or your intuition is off. This was by far the most difficult chapter to write. In doing so, I had to admit that my intuition has been wrong and some times skewed. It was important for me to admit this because it seems that psychics and mediums like to see themselves as all knowing and right at all times. This is just not the case.

If a psychic or medium were always 100% on the money, wouldn’t we as a society seek him/her out to run the country, or be more respectful of their places in society? I understand that being a psychic or a medium means that, when giving a reading, the information is correct to the reader at that moment. You can only tell people what you see, hear, and feel.

Understand that we, as humans, have free will and can change our futures by the minute. I always tell people their futures look like a bowl of spaghetti. Whatever strand you pick is whatever path you take. You can change anything, by any one thought, word, deed, or action. Nothing is written in stone. Your and my future is malleable at all times.

Psychics and mediums are the butt of jokes and stuff of hocus pocus partly because of the shams and con artists in the profession, but I also strongly feel that, as a whole, psychics and mediums cannot admit they are wrong. Let’s face it; no one is infallible at anything, whether that means you’re a doctor, parent, or a New Age guru. Sometimes I am wrong, absolutely off.

A couple years ago, I gave a reading to a woman who had walked in off the street when I had my bookstore. I was about 10 minutes into the reading when she became very angry with me. She said, “I don’t know who you think you’re trying to fool! This has nothing to do with me!” I apologized to her, and told her there was no charge. She really hurt my feelings, because I honestly told her what I had heard and felt. I explained to my friend how bad I felt about the whole thing, and thought about it all night. The next morning the same woman came back in and apologized to me, and asked if we could finish the session. She said she thought about it all night and she knew the information was correct. She even left me a tip. Sometimes, when confronted with information, people get angry when they think about the possibility of having to change, or to think differently of situations in which they are involved.

If you give readings with compassion, respect, and love, you can never go wrong. You do not have to prove anything to anyone. If you believe in what you have experienced, then that is all that matters. You will not always be right, nor will you always be wrong. You need to have balance in judging your readings. I hope that fear never blocks any of you from practicing your spirituality. If you can admit when you have been wrong, people will respect your opinion even more the next time. If you believe in something and act on it from the basis of compassion for others, it does not matter if you were right or wrong. If you follow your heart and do what you think is best how can you put yourself down for it? I have nothing to fear in my career as a medium. I have been embarrassed and humiliated more than I thought possible. Nothing can top people being unkind when they are upset. My being wrong has become a gift in the lesson of learning failure and success.

I know that everyone who believes they can communicate with spirit guides, angels and their God source can. I know what I have to share will be important for many, and I refuse to let anything stop me from sharing this. I am human and therefore prone to making mistakes. Your intuition and experiences may not always come to be you might not always be correct. You may be off sometimes, and it’s more than okay to admit when you are wrong. Being a psychic or medium is not black and white or a precise science. Always use your own best judgments. Don’t be afraid to admit when you are wrong, and similarly don’t be afraid to shout when you are correct. It’s all about trial and error and faith in yourself.

Remember that some of your own fears and ego may surface as truth. Do not be tempted to take information from guides, angels, and those who have crossed over as gospel. You always need to remain objective. Take the information as advice. We do not have to act on advice. It is information with which can do whatever we like. We can use it to help ourselves or we can ignore it without guilt or question. Do not get frustrated with yourself. If the information is overwhelming or confusing, come back to it later, or let it go. Accept only what feels right and comfortable.

As a rule of thumb, you know you are speaking with a positive source when they lavish you in love, compliment you, and irritate you with kindness. If there are any fears, any criticisms, or judgments, it is not energy that is useful or beneficial. Root yourself in the highest power, take in a deep breath, and start over again.

The universe may gently remind you when you are wrong, or it may hit you with a wrecking ball. Always admit when you are wrong and never be ashamed of your bad judgment. Learn from your mistakes, but more importantly live by your mistakes. What I mean by this is that you have to apply your new found knowledge to your daily life. I don’t make judgments about anyone, or I do my best not to anyway.

So do not be upset when the information you hear changes, because there may be good reasons behind it. You may never know the reasons why the information changed, and it may not even be important. If you are honest in what you perceive, then you have acted out of honesty, and no one can fault you for that. Believe in yourself and you will never be wrong.


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