Friday, January 8, 2010

Amazing Day 2005

I have to share with you all one of the most amazing days of my life. That day would be today. Please be patient and just read through my ramblings. Let me back up two weeks. Two weeks ago, I was staying with my Aunt Lisa, and I bought the movie “What the Bleep do we Know.”

There was a part in the movie that showed the Japanese scientists Masaru Emoto’s work with water. He says that his studies with water are his proof that thoughts and feelings affect our physical reality. He focused different emotions on the water samples through written, spoken words and music. He had a monk bless one sample, the word love put on another sample and the thought, “I hate you and I am going to kill you,” on another. He presented those feelings to the same water samples. The water appears to "change its expression," and is evident in the photographs of the water molecules.

The premise is that if our bodies are 70% water and we can change water samples with our emotions, what do we do to our bodies with our negative emotions then? I told My Aunt that I was going to start telling myself every morning that I was beautiful and I loved myself unconditionally for one month. I am now doing this each morning and consciously blessing one glass of water that I drink each day with love.

I got home today at 3:00 p.m. from paying my property taxes and just happened to see my neighbor. He asked me if I wanted some tomatoes, so I followed him into his side yard. His wife came out and we started to chat about the long walks I take each day. I told them about this spot of property on the road that is more beautiful than any land I have ever seen. I wrote a poem about it just last week and took pictures of it. My neighbor told me that her friend who she had not seen in years lived there. She told me she had seen her a month ago and told me her son had died in a terrible accident. She said that her friend was not doing well. I said “Well if I ever see her I’ll stop and talk to her.” My neighbor agreed with me.

I decided to go for my daily walk and set off with my new fake pink fingernails down the familiar path. I came to my favorite part in the road where a creek runs under it. It is the amazing property with willow trees and a lovely house. It is the house where my neighbor’s friend lives. I silently said to the woman’s son who died “If you ever want me to speak to your mother, just let her be out in front and I’ll talk to her for you.” I kept on walking a good two more miles and then turned around to go home.

As I passed the front of the house on my way back, I smiled and touched the willow branches. I got to the creek and there was a beautiful woman standing at the fence with pliers and metal wire. I took off my headset and waved. She waved back and said “My neighbors cows just broke through the fence, have you seen any cows?” I shook my head and told her that I would help her find the cows. She told me she had just gotten home from work and was trying to fix the fence. I asked her if she owned the property and she said “Yes.”

I instantly started to smile and couldn’t contain my happiness. She has an amazing teepee on her back property. She asked if I would like to see it. I agreed and we walked to the teepee. I couldn’t hold myself any longer. I blurted out that I was a medium and that I had just spoken to my neighbor and told her I knew about her son. I told her that I had just told him if he had wanted to speak to me to just have her out in front. I loved her unconditionally at that moment and was so honored to give her messages from her son. We held hands and it felt like I had known her all my life. She is such a lovely spirit as is her son. I have never felt so right in the world. It was a God wink from the universe for sure.

The reason I am writing to you is to ask all of you to open yourselves up to the millions of miracles that occur each moment if we are just open to it. Obviously, her son was working overtime. When you open yourself up to love yourself you receive so much personal and emotional abundance that it’s hard to keep your feet on the ground.

I feel truly blessed to have all of you in my life and I feel honored to be alive. I hope that all of you can learn to open yourselves up to this bliss, it’s free and starts with just one glass of water.

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