Friday, January 8, 2010

Positive thinking

Some Disagreement’s with the Secret’s Author

Have you ever had one of those days where everything goes wrong? Just a casual trip to the grocery store can incite a rotten day. It all starts when you need a box of dog food. You get in your car and instantly meet a jerk in traffic. The kind of jerk who tailgates you so closely, that when you stop he almost crashes into you and then manages to flip you off. When you get to the parking lot of the grocery store, someone pulls into the stall you were waiting for. You find another space, get out of the car, and accidentally bang your door into the car next to you. You look over and there happens to be someone in the car, glaring at you. You apologize and walk into the store and see your landlord, who loudly asks you if you’re going to make a rent payment this week and as if it couldn’t get any worse at the checkout counter with a smirk on her face is your most loathed co-worker.

Some people believe that we attract to us exactly what it is that we need at the time. I have also heard theories that our emotions and thoughts are more powerful than we know, and what we think and feel becomes our reality. Our future can be changed by careless thoughts or controlling emotions. By seeing and understanding what we think or noticing how thoughts flow through our brain can be an eye opening experience. By taking control of our thinking, some say that we will be able to start clearing away thoughts that hold us back. If you start choosing thoughts that will create happiness and well-being in your body, mind and life, you will create it.

The theory goes that if I wake up in an irritated mood and am mad as hell that I ran out of dog food, my negative energy will attract infuriating situations to me. If I woke up happy and decided to go to the grocery store in a peaceful manner, I would most likely have attracted calm situation. If you sit back and think about the last two weeks, two months, or two years, what do you think you have created with your thoughts, and what have you attracted to you?

I do not believe that we attract disease or violent crimes to ourselves. I love the movie “The Secret,” but I must disagree with the theory that we attract other’s violence, or malevolence to us. I don’t agree that we attract disease to ourselves. Sometimes bad things happen, and yes in the end, there might be an answer and again there might not be. I read an interview with the author of “The Secret.” I can’t agree with Rhonda Byrne that the people of Darfur attracted genocide to themselves. I can’t imagine that eleven million people attracted their death during the holocaust either. I think its irresponsible thinking. Furthermore, no one attracts his or her child’s death. No one attracts that, no one.

Positive thinking is imperative to have in your life. Compassion and understanding of others is essential as well. When we are full of love and happy, we too can make others happy as well. If you are a happy person who is content with life, you will not harm another. Money is great but it doesn’t solve any inner issues. When you ask for money from the universe, you have to realize that the cash you are asking for has to come from somewhere, from someone. You are taking the energy of money from someone and giving that energy to yourself. So, when you do receive abundance be grateful for receiving it.

Sometimes when I give readings to people, I decide not to charge them. Sometimes I know they are in a hard place in their lives, sometimes people can’t afford readings, and I have no problems helping them. We can all be philanthropists. Whether that means leaving groceries on someone’s stoop, smiling kindly at someone who is having a bad day, or giving $80,000.00 as an anonymous donation to an animal shelter.

When you actively give to others, you will actively receive back. What you put out to the universe is what you receive back. We are not separate form anyone in the universe we are a part of the whole and are responsible for the wellbeing of the earth and others as well.

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