Saturday, July 31, 2010

Advanced Class Saturday August 21,2010

East Dubuque,IL- On Saturday August 21,2010 from 11am-5 I will conduct an Advanced Class at the Captain Merry Guest House just outside Galena, IL.

You will learn to unlock your innate intuitive abilities. Learn to become more positive in everyday life, learn the principals of self forgiveness, and become more clear with receiving spiritual messages in your every day life.

The step by step class will guide you to demystifying the mystical and by doing so will open new doors to alternate realities.

The advanced course is for students who believe in the spiritual realm and are open to new ideas and concepts. It is not a class for people questioning their spirituality.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow and or blanket for guided meditations. Please bring a notebook and pen. A personal object such as jewelry or a watch, or wallet should be brought for the psycometry exercise. A Questionnaire will be handed out at the beginning of the session. Make sure to bring your sense of humor as well.

Water, fruit and snacks will be provided. Bring snacks if you care to.

Refunds will be given 7 days prior to class, after that date no refunds will be issued.

Advanced Class Saturday August 21,2010

East Dubuque,IL- On Saturday August 21,2010 from 11am-5 I will conduct an Advanced Class at the Captain Merry Guest House just outside Galena, IL.

You will learn to unlock your innate intuitive abilities. Learn to become more positive in everyday life, learn the principals of self forgiveness, and become more clear with receiving spiritual messages in your every day life.

The step by step class will guide you to demystifying the mystical and by doing so will open new doors to alternate realities.

The advanced course is for students who believe in the spiritual realm and are open to new ideas and concepts. It is not a class for people questioning their spirituality.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow and or blanket for guided meditations. Please bring a notebook and pen. A personal object such as jewelry or a watch, or wallet should be brought for the psycometry exercise. A Questionnaire will be handed out at the beginning of the session. Make sure to bring your sense of humor as well.

Water, fruit and snacks will be provided. Bring snacks if you care to.

Refunds will be given 7 days prior to class, after that date no refunds will be issued.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Miracles do happen!

My dear friend Bob said miracles sometimes happen in three’s, and he was right. Last week I had two wonderful miracles and then on Saturday July 19, 2010 my life changed forever. It was the worst day of my life and best day of my life. I had to work at 11:00 am. I was having breakfast with Chad before I started my day. I had two chocolate rice cakes with natural peanut butter. I eat peanut butter all the time and the more the better. While I was eating the rice cakes I started to have a tickle in the back of my throat that made me choke. I thought I swallowed something wrong. My lips started to burn and my eyes got itchy. I took two Benadryl as I thought I was having allergy symptoms.

Chad was painting the kitchen and had run out of primer. He said he would just run to Elizabeth the town next door to get a gallon. I was on my way to work and had to drive through Elizabeth and realized they were having a parade. I called him to let him know and suggested he go to Galena instead. By the time I got outside of Elizabeth I couldn’t breathe. I called Sheila to cancel my appointments as I told her I had to get to the hospital. I turned around and called Chad and asked him to meet me at the gas station as I needed to get to hospital, as soon as I hung up I was no longer able to breathe. I pulled over and pressed the OnStar emergency button. I couldn’t speak as my chest was rasping and I felt like I could breathe only through a straw.

Poor Sheila called back when I was trying to explain landmarks next to my car. I tried to silence the phone but ended up answering it. She had to endure listening to me fight for my life. Sheila said that although I couldn’t hear her, she was shouting into the phone that I wasn’t alone and that she was with me. My phone then disconnected when it fell to the floor and she was left hanging.

Exactly one week ago to the day I had a vivid nightmare that I was choking. Chad said in my sleep I yelled “No, no, no,” and then gurgled like I was choking and rasped, “Help me.” He was so disturbed he woke me up. I was terrified in my dream and even more so upon waking.

When I was in the car I knew that I was dying. I was not afraid to die. I was heartbroken thinking of my children, my dear Chad, my nephews and my family. I sent love into the future so that if I wasn’t here anymore that they would have all the love that I had to offer. I didn’t think about my bills, my house being a mess, that I had flabby thighs or about work. All I cared about was the people that I loved. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to say goodbye and it broke my heart.

My throat felt like I had shards of glass compacted with fur in it and I seriously considered jabbing a pen into my throat. I learned about Circothyrotomy’s in my Army medical training. You make an incision in the throat just below the Adam’s apple as a last resort to get the airway moving.

The OnStar operator was able to give my exact location along with the make and model of my car. Within two minutes the ambulance arrived. When the paramedic opened the door I barely whispered, “Help me.” She put her hands on my shoulder and said with compassion, “Everything is going to be okay.” Tears poured down my cheek as I believed every word she said. She was the most beautiful and calming angel on earth and forever I will be grateful to her.

Chad was looking for me and found me as they shut the doors to the ambulance. He left the house without his wallet and an empty tank of gas. He had to follow the ambulance and dig enough change from the car to get enough gas to make it to the hospital.

When they restored my breathing with epinephrine and nebulizers she told me that she was surprised that OnStar had gotten through to 911 as the county system was down and having problems. She then stated that they were so close to my location because they were lining up for the parade.

I was in the hospital until about 3:30 in the afternoon. I asked the nurse if my anxiety caused me to think I was dying and she simply stated “No, it wasn’t, you were close to that.” I have an allergy only to walnuts and have had issues with them. I have never any issues with any other nuts. I eat peanut butter often and never would have thought that anaphylactic reactions could happen overnight.

Everything fell into place that day in a remarkable manner. I know I have angels watching over me. I know that the universe is a loving and compassionate place. I am forever changed.

What I learned on Saturday forever changed my life and ultimately made me a better mother, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt and medium. Never take anything for granted. Enjoy the way leaves on the tree look twinkling in the sun, love your fat thighs, don’t worry about bills and money, love your family with all of your heart and say everything you need to say to the people you love. I now know why lotto numbers aren’t important, or why what the stock market does doesn’t matter. I know why when spirits come forward they apologize and only convey messages of love. I am so grateful for every aspect of my life. I am thrilled to be me, happy to be alive and so grateful for my family, my friends and my life. I will take all the good and the bad and I will even sing in public. I don’t care about meaningless problems anymore.

I am so grateful to the universe, my friends, and my clients. I am in love with life and in love with myself. I know this experience was meant to be and I am still weepy at times thinking about the what if’s. Chad has been my constant source of strength with hugs and consideration and I owe him such gratitude. Thank you all for your messages of love and well wishes. I wish you peace.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Common Questions and Answers

Good grief this might me the most disjointed and discombobulated blog yet. I am answering the most common questions that are asked of me. If you have any further questions and answers just comment and I’ll write a part two.

Is your name really Moriah?

Yes! I was born with the name and it’s even in my High School yearbook.

Are you a charlatan, fake, reader of facial expressions and a fraud?

Absolutely not. I actually believe in what I do and so do some other people. Most of the time I do phone readings and can’t see the other person on the line. I do email readings as well as in person readings. I honestly believe in the goodness of people and aspire to do my best to help others live their best. I have worked with the general public since 1999 and have also volunteered several times with police departments who have nothing else to go on. I can only connect with energy that has had life, whether it be a tree, a plant or a person. I don’t know lotto numbers, what the stock market will do or where your wallet is so don’t ask. I don’t charge people for services when I know they are in dire straits. I am a single mom of three and fully support my family 100% on my own. I know that life is difficult and would never take advantage of anyone’s heartache.

Skeptics, Magicians like Penn & Teller and reporters like Larry Potash say all Mediums and Psychics are frauds.

Yes, some people are absolutely frauds. There are fraudulent people in politics, religion, business, banking, real estate, police, law, and at your local gas station. You should be wary of anyone wanting any information from you. You should not have to answer questions or feel like you are being fished for information. You should always ask for references or have referrals from friends. You should be able to pay a reasonable set fee and not pay more than agreed. Ask the person if you can’t afford the fee if you can barter or take less time. Ask if you can have the reading for free if you are in need and cannot afford time. There are a million ways to find out if someone who is a psychic or a medium is genuine. It is your job as the client to find out if the professional is legitimate.

Magicians work in the world of illusion where they pass off tricks as real so its no doubt that they are natural born skeptics in the world. I have to agree with Penn & Teller and their program called "Bullsh*t" that aired a couple years back. Some of the people they caught were using practiced techniques and most likely were cons. But that’s also where the Latin phrase “caveat emptor,” comes in handy and it translates to "buyer beware."

People can find out online how Magicians tricks and trade secrets work so yes, Mediums should be fair game too. I honestly think Penn and Teller were trying to help and educate people who get ripped off from con artists and have few disagreements with them, although I disagree with their sweeping generalizations about 'all' mediums and intuitives being fake.

Reporters work for ratings and the advertising dollar is what allows them to keep their jobs. Both fields offer constructive criticism to the field of Mediumship as anyone has a right to disagree with anyone about anything. Sensational journalism is different than investigative journalism and should be looked at as such. There are several independent reporters who are non biased and work with equal time standards that have looked into the field with impartial eyes. You can research anything and everything on line.

I have no issues with skepticism and encourage people to doubt and question and not be easily swayed by anything I have to say. I would hope that some might suspend judgment on what I have to say until what it is I have to say becomes personal evidence of communication for them. Cynicism however is what I usually deal with, cynicism is not scientific fact. There are scientific tests for non sentient forces by scientific groups such as the Independent Investigations Group. The problem with the study for me personally is that I cannot connect with inanimate objects. Here is their link

I cannot prove I love someone. I cannot prove the hollow feeling in my chest when someone I love dies. I cannot prove any of my emotions or feelings. I cannot prove why my spiritual beliefs work for me. I can’t scientifically explain what I felt when I held my children in my arms for the first time. I can only say how I feel and how other people’s emotions have affected my life. We will never prove religion, spirituality or emotional beliefs. Why do science and spirituality have to be at odds? Can they not coexist? It took years for science to prove the earth was round certain religious people argued and fought to say it was flat. A lack of belief in something doesn’t make it so. Science is not an enemy, but unfortunately has been treated so by various religious organizations throughout history and unfortunately currently.

I cannot prove my work is real. I can prove however that people are relieved, comforted and healed by what it is that I do. I have done credible work with police officers and states’ attorneys. I believe in what I do, and for me it is true. My truth might not be yours, but that does not invalidate either one of our ideals. Does it really matter what you or I believe? Someone once said to me well you can’t build a bridge with psychic ability you need an engineer for that, true indeed but who is to say a vision from an inventor isn’t divinely inspired? You still need a dreamer to build a rocket ship when traditionalists say it isn’t so.

I personally believe that souls exist beyond the material plane. Energy never dies it only changes form. I know that humans are transcendent and that we exist beyond the material plane even if we are not able to rationalize all that is around us. My ability to help people heal, live better lives and become better people is what matters to me. I don’t care if I can prove those sentiments in a laboratory or not.

My boyfriend, mother, friend doesn’t believe in readings what can I do to convince them that it’s real?

First of all, the only person you can control and should control in your life is yourself. It is not your place or right to impose your ideas, thoughts or beliefs on any human being. If you want respect from someone, you too have to offer respect. Not everyone in the world needs to be fixed, saved or rescued. It is not okay to badger or force someone to be a part of something they don’t like, accept or believe in. Have you ever been badgered by an overly excited religious person or someone selling a product door to door? Enough said. You are not helping anyone by having them believe in your beliefs or follow your path begrudgingly. My favorite quote from the Buddha is, “Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it, no matter if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.”

We all have people in our lives that will not accept or believe things we feel or know for one reason or another. If our faith is challenged, the underlying reason is usually because we do not believe passionately enough in what we know to be true. If we truly believe in what we feel or hear, then nothing people say should affect us.

It does not matter what your religious, political or personal beliefs are, if you are an atheist or true believer. If you say the sky is blue, some guy will say it's green. Humans will disagree with you, no matter what. What your personal truth is may not my personal truth. We all experience life differently. If you believe in anything pro or con that is your belief and your truth. Whatever you believe with certainty and emotion becomes your reality. What someone else believes is really none of my business and shouldn’t be yours either.

My religious leader and friends say readings are evil and dangerous?

If you follow your religious beliefs and your religious leader advises you against getting a reading then you should follow the guidelines of your religious leaders. Your friends have your best intentions in mind when giving advice.

I personally do not believe in hell, demons or evil. They are my personal beliefs and my reality. I have said before that thought creates reality. Whatever you believe with emotion and certainty becomes your reality. If you believe in evil, then indeed it is true for you. I am not going to tell you that it does not exist in your world because it does not exist in mine. You are 100% responsible for your life and your beliefs at all times. If you seek advice from the people you like and respect the most on earth and know them to be good people, then take their advice to heart.

I do not have a need to persuade, argue or debate anyone of any faith on any of their beliefs. Whatever your religious beliefs and convictions are will be completely respected by me. I would never go against someone’s personal belief system and couldn’t care less if someone is an atheist. My work is what it is and you can partake or not partake you will get no argument or debate from me. I have no problems speaking about what my personal beliefs are if someone asks because they are interested to see where I am coming from as a person. I will not however speak about my beliefs or push an agenda on anyone. I believe when I give you a reading in whatever it is you believe in, because it is your truth. My beliefs are not necessary or needed to be a medium.

Here is an older blog I wrote about hell.

Do people who have committed suicide cross over?

Yes! I absolutely disagree with the idea that people who have killed themselves do not cross over. Mental illness affects more than 15 million Americans. Depression is a disease that can overwhelm individuals and families. The absolutely ridiculous statement by religious communities, and people trying to steer people from taking their own lives with the threat that if you kill yourself you will be lost, in hell or a ghost need to rethink the damage those statements send to families suffering from a soul’s loss.

Depression and mental illnesses are a disease. It is not the fault of a family member, community or person. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center is one of the best places on the web to gather information and have questions answered about suicide and suicide prevention.

There is also a page for people who are suicidal and need to get help. You can call or chat online and get help. There is a link just for veterans and a Lifeline Gallery for people who are suicide survivors, who have thought about suicide or want to help support suicide prevention.

You may want to read an older blog I wrote on suicide.

What is the number one thing I need to do to become a medium?

In order to become a good medium it is essential that you learn to like and love yourself. Your self worth is directionally proportional to doing quality work for others. If you are truly happy with yourself and like who you are as a person you will not harm another human being. When you are happy and content you have no reason to lie, cheat, gossip or steal. When you like and love yourself you can teach others how to also have more compassion for themselves.

The other thing that is an absolute is that you have to believe that you can indeed hear and receive messages from others. If you are certain or sure that you cannot receive messages then that unfortunately is your truth.

You have to have thick skin to be in this business. Without the foundation of self love it will be a sad and short career for you. You can be a medium for yourself, family, friends or professionally. You cannot however do quality work without self love.

Here is my previous blog on self worth.

My favorite blog on sending loving kindness to yourself.

Here is another blog based on what to do when your intuition is wrong.

And lastly another blog link on positive thinking.

Something I always forget to ask you - when you are doing readings how can you tell where the spirits are at in the residence? Does that ability come after time? I'm obviously not at that point yet but am working on it.

I think that spirits are wherever we are. If your brain is like a musical harp let’s say and thinking of someone that has crossed over would be like plucking the string on the harp. That vibration of music then moves out into the universe. The vibration of our loved one is always with us.

If you want to see if there is spirit activity in a location you can use an EMF detector, video cameras, temperature gages, particle and dust gauges, digital recorders, pendulums, divining rods and the ‘feel’ of the room. I generally have contact wherever I am. I must admit some places in a structure have different energy and should be paid attention to.

I found this link on the web but know nothing about them as a business.

If there is more then one spirit, who gets priority ? Why can some spirits come through and others don't or can't?

I connect with whoever makes the link first. I can often see several people at once. I think sometimes the most benign spirits will come forward first to help relax the situation before other spirits who have more powerful emotional messages come forward. People who receive readings are often nervous, unsure or upset. So the spirits on the other side might send Aunt Ruby over before sending your dad in so that you can be comfortable with the connection and get used to the exchange of energy. That is just a thought I have and I certainly don’t know for certain. Some spirits may come through one time and not the next and I don’t always know or understand why. The closest I came to understanding the phenomenon was explained in the books by Michael Newton, “Destiny of Souls,” and “Journey of Souls.” His latest book is “Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation.”

Some spirits who have hurt us often find they want to come forward the first to apologize for things that happened here on earth. Spirits may want to guide us on our path and like us our desperate to communicate with the living. It may be like being a family reunion atmosphere where everyone thinks what they have to say matters the most.

What first got you interested in the paranormal?

I have been noticing and feeling things differently about the world since childhood. I personally don't believe anything is paranormal, I feel all it is all quite normal. I personally believe that souls exist beyond the material plane. I know that humans are transcendent and that we are not able to rationalize all that is around us. My ability to help people heal, live better lives and become better people is what fuels my passion in the paranormal field.

What is the most interesting or disturbing case you've ever encountered with Chicago Paranormal Detectives?

We investigated a restaurant in Galena, Illinois. The restaurant happens to be located in the building that housed the first mortuary and casket company in the state. The building has a very eerie atmosphere and is downright creepy in the dark. We were on an investigation with the restaurant owner and chef. The team earlier in the night made sure the ceiling lights were turned off. Around three in the morning I was sitting on the floor with the team and chef on the restaurant floor. The guys were actively involved in a provoking session in hopes to create paranormal activity. A canister light suddenly turned on above my head and the chef who was sitting next to me began to shake and speak in a very different voice and said, "I'm not the one you're looking for." The chef went into shock and was escorted downstairs by Austin and myself, it was a very bizarre and creepy moment for sure.

What is your personal opinion about what it's like on the other side?

I believe that whatever your belief system was here on earth follows you to the other side. I personally believe that the universe is a loving and compassionate place full of miracles, forgiveness, and wisdom. I believe the other side is beyond human comprehension and is without beginning or end.

Why do you think some spirits need to communicate with the living?

A minister once argued with me that, if she died, her family would know that she loved them, and there would be no need to tell them so. That statement is true sometimes for people. I did a reading once for a woman whose husband had been killed on his way to work. He wanted to apologize for an argument they had had a week prior to his death. Evidently they had not spoken to each other for that week and were quite hurt by one another. It was truly important for him to tell his wife that he loved her, and that he was sorry. Life is not always perfect, nor do things work out the way we think they will sometimes. Closure for many people is extremely important.

Communicating with the dead can allow us to let go of our fears, by respecting death and not fearing it can free us from suffering. We can become more compassionate to the needs and hurts of others while we are alive. We can all use spiritual assistance to help ourselves to be happy and at peace with the people we loved. When we are truly happy with our lives we are less likely to harm others and cause suffering for the living.

How can some spirits send messages to their family members through readings of their friends? Do spirits sometimes "nag" you to make contact with their loved ones or to deliver messages?

When I first met my friend Tom who I work on the show with that I had a message for him, he became intrigued. I told him that a man was sending him a message and his name was Bud. He told Tom through me he had been the person pulling his toes at night. Tom was absolutely shocked as he had indeed had the experience of having his toes pulled. He had thought it was his children and when he investigated he found them to be asleep. He never even told his wife about the incident because it was so weird. He said he didn’t know a Bud and asked me to describe him. I told him that he watched the Cubs on TV with Tom in his backyard and described him as an older gentleman with all the details I could see. Tom was perplexed at who he could be. Later in the week his friend called him on the phone to explain to Tom that he and his son had seen an apparition of an arm in front of his computer. Tom called me to ask who it was and I answered Bud. When Tom called back his friend to ask him if he knew a Bud he replied, “Bud’s my Grandfather.” Bud was such a Cubs fan that he was buried in a Cubs uniform. Tom and his friend were shocked that his Grandfather came through Tom.

When a spirit wants to make contact they have no voice box, no physical body so how do they get your attention? They come through any way they know the message can get delivered. Bud had to go through Tom to get to his Grandson. I was the medium and only knew Tom, I didn’t know his grandson. Bud got the message through the only way he knew how.

Why is it that sometimes we don't catch on to what you are telling us during a reading and then we get home and have ah ha moments when we figure it out? That is simply amazing to me!

When people have readings their minds are whirling. Usually readings are overwhelmingly emotional. When your mind is running as fast as a spinning top you don’t have time to think of everything at once. It’s like having a glass of muddy water all churned up, once the water stills the mud sinks and there is clarity.

How do you or have you ever connected with someone who was unable to speak while they were living?

It does not matter if a spirit spoke another language, was handicapped, and infant or mute. Spirits communicate in a way that the person here on earth can understand. I can sometimes communicate with people who are not dead but have impairment.

What does it feel like when you get contacted ?

I communicate in my mind’s eye with spirits. There are people who are clairsentient, clairaudient, light trance mediums, deep trance mediums etc. They can come through all 5 senses depending on your sensitivity. So you can smell, hear, and feel spirits. I don’t usually feel anything as I am more clairaudient. In 1872 Alan Kardec wrote the book of Mediums and described the differences. You might find it a fun and educational read even after all these years. He describes in great detail all the differentiations in different types of Mediumship.

Is there a time frame after someone passes before they can contact you? Or are they usually gone for a year or so?

I personally do not think linear time exists on the other side. A minute of our time could be a century of theirs. I do not believe time exists in a way that we have current understanding or explanation. I do think that time doesn’t matter in communication of the soul.

How can you help to discern between your "own thoughts" and that of divine guidance, or another spirit?

You can use affirmation cards, pendulums, ask for signs and ask other intuitive friends for spiritual council on what it is you hear. If the information you offer another makes sense to them and has meaning then you are correct in what you need to say. The person you are reading will always let you know when you are off target.

If what you hear for yourself is full of love, acceptance and good thoughts it is genuine. Negativity, condemnation and ridicule are from the ego aka “monkey brain,” and need to be dismissed as such.

Do you have any physical side effects from readings or in separate occasions...or all, any physical side effects at all?

When dealing with the death of a child I feel emotionally drained. I have had bouts of nausea in high energy readings. I generally ask before each reading that I do my highest possible good for myself and others. I feel unconditional love from so many spirits that generally I feel pretty happy. When I do too many readings I have a tendency to get on a crying jag. Chad is an angel for always knowing when I just need to be hugged, that’s his intuitive gift.

I do enjoy using equal amounts of baking soda and salt as a scrub in the shower after long weekends. I just visualize energy that doesn’t belong to me going down the drain. It usually helps me feel much more calm and at ease. It might work for you too.

Have you ever had a spirit return back to you after a reading because they forgot to say something? If so did you know who the message was for?

I usually have spirits that just won’t stop talking. I have had a couple of experiences where I have called the client back to add something that came later and yes, I did know who the message was for.

How do you know if your bio logical parents are spirits and if they regret not trying to reach out to you when they we're alive or may not even know you existed? Very happy with the family that grew up with me, but I still wonder!

If when you have exhausted searing legally and online for birth families you can sometimes use a pendulum with a map to search locations. You can start by asking yes and no questions. You can ask your biological family members to come to you in dream state with locations and names too. Some mediums are gifted with being able to get surnames. Just a few ideas outside the traditional methods of tracking a birth family.

A neat video on using pendulums.

A good book on pendulums with a great resource to read.

Moriah, how did you know this was your path in life? I have had some of those who have passed on come to me in my dreams, the dreams were very relevant at the time... is that how your gift began, or a way this gift could come about?

I didn’t know this was my path in life and I guess it happened as it was supposed to. It has been a roller coaster ride. When I first started I had utilities turned off, I ate peanut butter and jelly quite often and to this day drive my car more miles than I care to say. It is not glamorous but it is very satisfying and there is no other job on earth like it.

I started out in college wanting to get my RN license and then switched into journalism. I worked in the television industry for 11 years before becoming a full time medium. I was ridiculed, ostracized , doubted and told I was a fool. It was however my passion. I stuck with it and here I am today. You have to have passion to be a success.

My ability is an skill not a gift. Everyone on earth can do exactly what it is that I do. You just have to have passion, belief, and an expectation for success. Spirits contact each of us in a way that they think will get our attention. They may use thoughts, dreams, objects, totems or feelings. We all have the potential to be a medium. We are born with it. If you use it, the ability becomes stronger. The more you practice the better you become. You have to have a healthy dose of self love and you must be grounded emotionally. See question number seven.

During a reading with you my grandpa came through and you said he was sending me a man. Well, the man that has come into my life has lost his mother. Did they plan it so we would meet one another?

That’s something you need to ask your grandfather and his mother. Does the idea seem to make sense to both of you? Does it feel like a wink from above? If it does it is probably so. If you’re not sure or have no feeling then you need to rethink the reason.

Where can I find a list of all the books you recommend at your workshops ?

I am republishing “How to be a Happy Medium.” In the back of the book is a recommended reading source but I will list all of them in a future blog if you’d like. My book is currently out of print.

How come you can have one experience...with a deceased loved one, why can't you have another for another loved one even when you're open to it?

It may be that they are doing other work, it could be that you don’t need the message you think you do, and there is the issue of patience. If you ask a response will always come. It may not be immediate or how you think it will be answered, but they will always come to you.

You may like to use affirmation cards, pendulums or guided meditation cd’s. Just remain open. Sometimes when we are attached to an outcome we can block messages that we need to hear. Letting go of outcomes isn’t as easy as one might think. Ask them to hit you in the head if need be, but be careful what you ask for :)

When a person passes on do they stay at the age they died?

When we die we have no body and no age. If I said “Oh well there is a ball of luminous white light here,” you’d have no idea who on earth you were communicating with. They take form in the way you would remember them at their most healthy. Spirits have no age as they are without beginning or end. So a handicapped person or an infant can communicate with you in a way that you can understand.

Why do spirits use symbols?

According to Wikipedia “A symbol is something such as an object, picture, written word, sound, or particular mark that represents something else by association, resemblance, or convention.” If you no longer have an ability to speak but use pictures to communicate symbols are the way to go. Stop signs are universal signs for example so that people from around the world understand what to do in traffic.

I once saw a bear above someone’s head in a reading. I wrongly assumed it was how they met their demise. The person’s last name turned out to be Behr.

Allegory is a figure of speech that uses symbols to tell a story. An apple and a snake in art bring what story to mind? Allegory is used in poetry, art and fiction. The grim reaper is a allegorical figure.

So when communicating with spirits they may show a symbol or picture to express a sentiment, memory or emotion. Symbols are most often for the client, rather than the medium. When you see a symbol for yourself, break it down and ask yourself what it means to you. You’ll generally get the idea.

Friday, March 26, 2010

I Need Your Help!

If you have lost a child or know someone who has experienced the unthinkable but has witnessed a miracle or message from their child who has crossed over, and would like to share their experience on television to give other parents hope, please send your email to Please repost this if you'd like to help.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Dee Levens left us February 20,2010

How does one begin to explain a person’s life in a summary of words, let alone the life of someone as colorful and flamboyant as Dee Levens? It doesn’t seem that anything less than a made for TV miniseries would ever chronicle her life fairly. Dee’s life had all the essential elements of a Greek tragedy full of passion, intense love, suspense, treachery, deceit, national news attention, power struggles and a great Trolley War that made the Civil War look like a cake walk.

The epic tale began in the autumn of 1939 on the second of October. A baby girl named Delores Margaret Titus was born to humble beginnings in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She lived a difficult early life full of heartache and pain as most heroines do but she found herself to be a strong and independent woman ready to face a new life. Her quest landed her in Galena in 1958 where she was a beautician at Hoppy’s Barbershop on Main Street. She lived at the Gill Hotel where she caught the attention of Dan in a hallway. In September of 1960 they wed and that union led Dee to find her true calling. In 1961 she took on her most important and favorite role. That role was of a mother with the Birth of Kelly and then Robin, Kerry, Randy and Jayme followed. In her own pen she wrote this about her beloved sons:

My Five Sons

My five sons are my greatest treasure.

All are warm loving and giving.

They are my flowers that bloom.

Each year older they are, the more “beautiful they become.”

And maybe one day they’ll say that their caretaker of the garden did well.

Dee fiercely loved her children with all of her heart. Everything she did in her life was because of and for them. Never was a mother more proud of her children than she. Her children too loved their mother with all that they had. Their mutual love for one another has never been doubted. She loved them with unconditional love and that adoration never faltered. Her love grew even more with the birth of her grandchildren. She loved each and every one of them as if they were her own children.

All heroines need a confidant, a friend or wise counsel on their journey. Dee had many amazing and wonderful friends on the path, Jayson, Sherri, Birdie, Phyllis, Val, Noreen, Jenny, Wanda, Mary, Luella, Vern, Sue, Harold, Maryann, Marnie, Larian, Jim, Mike, and so many more that touched her heart, too many to count. But her most beloved friend was Doris Glick. For the last 52 years despite what naysayers and doubters might suggest they have been connected at the heart. Through weddings, births, life and loss nobody loved Dee more than Doris and nobody loved Doris more than Dee. It is a beautiful and remarkable gift to see such love shared between two people who were there for each other during times of joy and sorrow. They both know the meaning of true friendship, and that is, when people know all about you, and still like you anyway.

Dee was the epitome of an entrepreneur. She was a risk taker and crazy like a fox. Whether it was being a Boy Scout leader, a dispatcher or starting a taxi business she was a shrewd business woman who at times could be described as opinionated, passionate, assertive, cunning and well, always right. She will best be known for the legacy she left the city of Galena. She was known as the Trolley Lady. Dee started a shuttle service in 1980 and turned it into a thriving business known as Galena Trolley Tours. This business was an extension of who she was. In 1993 she built the current location with a theater included because she so loved the musical and performing arts. She brought history into the streets and made it fun for people to learn. She grew her business from nothing into something that has become a permanent fixture when people think about Galena.

She battled with the city for 17 years and made a huge impact on the tourism community. She fought for her business like a mother bear protecting her cub. She single handedly struck down unfair ordinances and changed the way business in Galena was conducted. Contrary to what some may think she did this because she so loved the city of Galena. She unsuccessfully ran for office in hopes to become the first female mayor of Galena. She was a self made, self propelled larger than life force to be reckoned with. You never wanted to be on her bad side. But she had the biggest and most forgiving heart of anyone. She never wanted but the absolute best for people whether they liked her opinion or not. There were no grey areas with Dee and she believed that nothing could heal anger but compassion.

Dee was intensely spiritual and believed in her guide Guda, Catholicism, spirituality, and beyond anything she believed in the power of love to transform all things. Her appreciation of the arts, and different cultures filled her home and jewelry boxes. She had a unique and elegant style and when she walked into a room people turned their heads. Her amber green eyes lit up rooms, but it was her smile that endeared you to her immediately.

Our greatest fear is that when we die we will become nothing. Dee was like fireworks in a dark sky. She was anything but subtle. Her mark on her family, friends and the city of Galena is indelible. Cancer was the one foe she could not defeat. Delores Margaret Titus Levens was born an ordinary person who grew up under extraordinary circumstances, and who, despite the odds being stacked against her, prevailed in the end. She was the kind of person we all secretly wish we could be.

They say that the massive stars that exploded more than 5 billion years ago are the source of oxygen atoms that we are breathing in right now. Some 5 billion years later from now I’m sure a star will still twinkle in the sky for Dee Levens. She is a hero because her life taught us to understand that we cannot be destroyed. When we understand that, we are freed from the fear of death. She is still here. She is around us, within us and smiling at us. We celebrate your life today Dee and your happy continuation without end, where your spirit will shine down upon all of us.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Larry Potash and WGN,0,5146694.story

We all have people in our lives that will not accept or believe things we feel or know for one reason or another. If our faith is challenged, the underlying reason is usually because we do not believe passionately enough in what we know to be true. If we truly believe in what we feel or hear, then nothing people say should affect us.

It does not matter what your religious, political or personal beliefs are, if you are an atheist or true believer. If you say the sky is blue, some guy will say it's green. Humans will disagree with you, no matter what. What your personal truth is may not my personal truth. We all experience life differently. If you believe in anything pro or con that is your belief and your truth. Whatever you believe with certainty and emotion becomes your reality. What someone else believes is really none of my business.

When I give readings I do not charge people if they can not afford to pay, and if people do not like what I have to say, I also do not charge. I volunteer 100% of the time when I work with the police on cases, and all of my work with the Chicago Paranormal Detectives is done for free. When I travel for cases into Chicago I travel 3 hours and pay out of my own pocket gas and hotel. Money is never ever the reason I do what I do and anyone who has ever met me can contest to this.

My dear sweet Chad Facebooked Larry Potash about his piece and this is their correspondence as follows:

Between Larry Potash and You

Chad Feuerhelm February 19 at 12:02am
I'm surprised that you'd allow something so insulting on the air with your name attached! Do you normally question the credibility of people you've never even met on national television? These people happen to be helping a lot of people and are doing nothing to damage their credibility, although WGN just did a great job of that. Especially the "self proclaimed" medium. You obviously have no clue what she does for a day job! Shes booked over 2 years ahead for private readings WITHOUT ANY advertising. She has and will provide her services free of charge for those with financial issues. If you could see firsthand the comfort and closure she brings people who are dealing with the loss of loved ones you'd be amazed. Before meeting her, I was very skeptical of anything "paranormal" but there is really no denying what she does. I would love to hear the Center for Inquiry guys opinion of her and the cops she works with if he'd actually met them and witnessed what it is they do. It's obvious that he hasn't, and neither have you unfortunately.

Larry Potash February 19 at 4:06am Report
Nobody has ever proven psychic ability. In fact, there are several lucrative monetary awards available for anyone who can----and no one ever has. It's all old-fashioned fortune teller tricks.
And, it was not "me" criticizing them---it was a science organization, and various lawyers, including the state's attorney,

Chad Feuerhelm February 19 at 5:22am
Thanks for the response. I apologize for wasting both of our time

I sincerely respect that Larry Potash believes that I do fortune teller tricks when quite frankly I can't predict the future at all. The issue with Potash's 'lucrative monetary awards' are that they are set up to test people's abilities with inanimate objects, colors, numbers and sometimes codes. I simply connect with sentient life force, anything that has ever had life. I don't know lotto numbers, what the stock market is going to do or where Uncle Norbert's Diamond ring is.

Potash called me a 'self-proclaimed medium." I do have the endorsement of others and have been working as a medium since 1999, so he got it wrong. I am used to being called satanic, a dark soul, a moron, stupid, a con, a liar, and so on by critics. I have thick skin, because I know who I am and know where my heart lies. If I die tomorrow I will have no regrets with my career choice.

I do however take offense to Potash wiggling out of his piece by stating, "And, it was not "me" criticizing them---it was a science organization, and various lawyers, including the state's attorney."

True enough Larry Potash never met with any of us on the Chicago Paranormal Detectives team, but his name is on the package and it is his responsibility for the content. I have worked for a states attorney, have given readings to doctors, computer programmers, a biologist, lawyers, and journalists before. I respect his 'experts' opinions I just happen to disagree with them and have some of my own to counter his claims.

Potash's experts never met with any team member of CPD. His experts have no idea how we conduct our cases, how we set up an investigation nor do they have any of our credentials. His experts made blind statements based on unknown information.

It was not a balanced or unbiased news package. I think that we deserve equal time with WGN under the Fairness Doctrine. In my opinion it was a case of false balance and I plan to do something about that.

I respect Larry Potash and his sensational journalism techniques, I just don't agree with him. If you'll excuse me I'm off to clean my fortune parlor.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jealousy, fame and shoe throwing.

Thich Nhat Hanh was once quoted saying, “When you understand the situation of the other person, when you understand the nature of suffering, anger will vanish, because it is transformed into compassion.”

I have been trying to remember that this week. When we are unhappy or not satisfied with an aspect of ourselves we can hurt another. Everyone suffers, we all suffer differently. It’s hard to remain spiritual when you misinterpret others, their words, actions or comments that you perceive as a slight. As I write this blog thousands of people are suffering around the world from earthquakes, war, disease and personal loss. It’s almost an embarrassment to admit that something like words can make you narrow your eyes and want to fight with a shoe in a ladies bathroom.

I know that I cannot take anything personally in life. I know that people try consciously and unconsciously to project their thoughts, beliefs and morals to make themselves feel better, but sometimes I just want to flip someone off. I try and picture the Dalai Lama or the Pope doing the same and somehow I just wonder if they have better restraint than I? Maybe, they just don’t frequent women’s restrooms.

Rumi the great Persian poet wrote one of my favorite lines, “Don't turn away. Keep looking at that bandaged place. That's where the light enters you.” Well, I think this week I have been hemorrhaging and if I look at that spot, I might just get blinded by the light. I have so much to be thankful for, I have so many wonderful things to meditate upon and instead I got hooked into my addiction of judgment.

I think I long to be liked and accepted, we all do. I have finally learned to like myself. Every now and then I have what my friend Gladys calls, “a blue funk.” It usually stems from me feeling that I am flawed and when someone pokes at my bandaged place I want to poke them in the eyes. In my rational brain I understand that we operate by cause and effect, we are like lab rats emotionally. I understand why people suffer, I understand why I suffer. I just hate to admit that I am also human and have not tamed my mind.

My shoe throwing, eye poking incident was rooted in me feeling a need to defend who I am and my actions. I never did throw the shoe or poke anyone in the eyes, it was a short lived thought thankfully. I am sure as time goes on with the show being on the air that I will be blogged about as being a fake, a charlatan, a moron and a crazed lunatic, conversely though I will have my friends telling me that I am a size two, amazing and all around groovy gal. It really shouldn’t matter though what other people think about me, good or bad. I know who I am better than anyone. I know what motivates me to react or not react. I know who I am and I like myself as is. I always tell people that other people’s opinions of me are none of my business, but it is difficult if you’re in a blue funk or a place of judgment.

My incident this last week started with another person not feeling sure of herself, and because of that I was seen as a threat. Her misplaced jealously poked my bandaged place and I reacted by having hurt feelings and allowed myself to feel victimized. In retrospect as I write this I am rolling my eyes at myself. I knew better, but I still took the bait. Jealousy is a toxic weed and should be eradicated before it chokes the life out of everything in its path.

One of my dear friends suffers from a huge lack of self worth and needs to feel the positive attention of others to gauge that he is moving in the right direction. Admiration and attention from others make him feel whole. The trap in this of course is that you allow others to tell you who you are. When we are telling ourselves who we are through the eyes of another we tread in dangerous waters. When we don’t receive what we need from others we have a tendency to become jealous and resentful when we see others getting what we want. I have often thought jealousy and an inability to have intimacy in relationships are often linked. Learning to trust is usually the antidote for jealousy.

Usually when we avoid intimacy it isn’t because of a parent or partner not loving us, it’s because we fundamentally feel that we are unlovable. We get it in our head that intimacy is unsafe for our fragile heart. When we get into that mode it’s hard to see that in order to be loved that we must first love ourselves. Jealousy creates a wall that oddly enough prevents us from what we crave more than anything. It is a primal emotion. It makes us feel inadequate, it causes feelings of shame, and we obsess then about what others think about us. Not having the approval of others when you live your life based upon that can be emotionally devastating.

When we don’t like ourselves we find comfort in deflating, criticizing and putting others down to feel better about our current circumstances. It’s easy to sit behind the anonymity of a computer screen to blast complete strangers, or write off people as lunatics. I am guilty of this myself as I had to contain myself from posting about Pat Robertson comments saying the people of Haiti were victims of a curse caused by slaves having a pact with the devil in 1791. I am sure he is a nice person and has done many amazing things for people. I know he loves his family and his family loves him. I know he believes in what he says. I personally just can’t stop thinking he needs a formal education and a clue.

People will think what they want as they will regardless of what I think or you think. You can only control the human body that you were born into. Soften your heart when someone insults you is what I learned this week. It’s easier than unbuckling a four inch heel anyway. Remember you have to generate enough self love not to crave the attention of others. When you are hurt, try not to hurt another and if you have to flip someone off do it with a smile.

It’s not easy to be a spiritual warrior. I know this. A great reference book to read is “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. You might also enjoy the companion book with exercises to help you on your journey.

Friday, January 8, 2010

January 2010 Let Go and Let Love

Many times during readings people have a million questions about relationships, quite often people are stuck emotionally and have not a clue in the world about what to do next. It is easy when the heart is involved in any relationship to feel conflicted, confused and exhausted when trying to make a change.

We are creatures of habit and find solace in the concept of permanence. We generally don’t like change. We unfortunately live in a world where the one thing we can count on is impermanence. Impermanence means nothing ever stays the same. In my job people confess their heartache to me and are searching for the right answers. I do not have the ability to provide answers that is only something that can come from within. I may be able to show a path not thought of before or help someone see their inner beauty, but unfortunately the real work must come from the heart.

A common pattern I find in readings is that people in relationships often become friends over time but have no attraction to one another. One partner generally wishes the other partner would leave them or do something to screw up the relationship so that they don’t have the burden of hurting the other person or have the responsibility of letting their family down.

Sometimes our partners can be mentally unstable and threaten us with hurting themselves if we leave them. Guilt keeps us mired in place.

There is also a pattern that comes up when one partner is verbally, emotionally or physically abusive and because of low self esteem, financial dependency or absolute fear the other partner feels helpless to leave.

When we have been wounded previously we sometimes make the mistake of jumping into multiple relationships to numb the pain of our past. When we are hungry for love or affection it is easy to be drawn to people that are not healthy for us. They may provide instant feelings of happiness or emotional affection but over time those feelings vanish and we are stuck with an empty heart.

I have heard the pain of people who have been cheated on and the pain of the people that cheat. It’s sometimes easier to cheat with a person who is married, as that person meets your emotional and sexual needs and the adrenaline rush numbs any need for long term emotional intimacy. There are also people who suffer from sexual addictions and mistake sex for love.

There are relationships that need to be repaired from infidelity, addictions or gambling issues. People can put their relationships back together after being fractured and can find each others hands to hold once again. Nothing is impossible when the love between two people is strong enough.

Divorce is something nobody sets out to accomplish on their wedding day. Breakups are emotionally devastating, sometimes filled with bitterness and hatred. We lose track of our way on the path together and forget why we ever got together in the first place. Unfortunately all too often divorce provides the opportunity of emotionally sabotaging ourselves until we feel we have adequately beaten ourselves up.

I feel the anguish of clients when they lose their soul mate, their best friend and life partner. When people are widowed their sorrow is intense. Love is a multi faceted emotion. You can madly love someone who doesn’t love you. You can love someone indifferently when they are on earth, and when they die you realize they were so much more. Love can be painful, regretful and unhealthy. Love conversely can be amazing, gentle and whole. You can love all three of your ex’s in a healthy and positive memory and love your current partner completely. Love knows no boundaries.

We don’t choose who we love and if we did life would be easier indeed. Our heart finds a soul recognition with another human being and whether that be good or bad or heart takes over and we become different people. Love can bring us happiness and heartache. The duality of love has been written about for long as there have been clay tablets.

My friend Donna and Gladys one told me independently of one another that they admire my ability to love hard. Sometimes when I give readings to people I don’t know I love them unconditionally because I can feel how loved they are by spirits on the other side. This washes over into my personal life as well. Don’t get me wrong I am not Sister Mary Sunshine and my life isn’t always a bed of roses. I have been through heaven and hell in relationships. I have been a victim of domestic violence, have been hurt to the core of my being, been lied to, disrespected and put down.

Sometimes I hated myself for allowing that negativity into my life. I used to beat myself up because I was a strong woman who was smarter than that. I had a million excuses of why I was a victim and how that came to be. I ended up forgiving my abusers and then realized I was more abusive to myself than my partner ever could have been. At my lowest points I thought I was too ugly, too fat and too encumbered by life to ever find someone that would love me as much as I loved them.

When I finally took responsibility for all the good and bad in my life and refused to blame anyone for anything my life magically changed. When I learned to accept responsibility and let go of blame it opened the door for me to finally like who I was at that moment and I learned to love myself. It took me six years to see the process through. When we accept responsibility for our life we get back in the driver’s seat. Blame leaves you at the side of the road with a flat tire waiting for someone to rescue you.

My friend and mentor Joe Magno taught me the beauty of self love. He wrote a beautiful book about how the heart can heal through self love. Self love is sometimes an abstract thought in the West that gets confused with an inflated ego. When we love ourselves and are truly happy we will not harm another. When you can wake up liking yourself you can change your life and others lives for the better. When you love and like yourself you can truly and openly love another.

Self love allows you to give without expectation of return. You can be kind and compassionate to another who is struggling without having to fix them or solve their problems. When you Love yourself and love another you can be a compassionate observer to their pain and offer your hand when they need it. You no longer have to be intertwined in chaos because you know that they are on their own journey and that whatever that journey is you can remain healthy and whole.

Self love allows you to set boundaries, let go of outcomes and expectations and can truly allow you to live in the moment. Self love sets you free from past conceptions and misconceptions. It is so very important to do, and probably the hardest task you’ll ever have to endure. It is not easy and takes practice. Some days will be easier than others for sure.

I wrote a list to the universe on June 3, 2009 of what I wanted in a soul mate in great emotional, physical, and spiritual nature. I folded the paper in half and put it next to my computer and left it there. I had absolute faith in the universe that it would come to me, and three months later it magically happened. I ended up with the person that I custom ordered. I was pleasantly surprised and within two weeks I knew I was absolutely in love. I can’t explain how much my life has changed over the last four months but it has been sheer bliss. I just know that I wish there was a stronger word than love in the English language and that is what I would use.

I never, ever thought that I would find love again or that it would come to me in this lifetime anyway. I was wrong and I am so grateful that I was. I refused to turn inward when I was hurt. I opened my heart even when it was painful and still expected the best. I have given my heart openly to Chad and am so grateful he accepted it. I do not look at the past with upset or hatred. I know I would not be as a compassionate person or understanding as I am without the past. I am not angry with anyone I dated and don’t regret my past marriage and I wish all of them well. All of those experiences brought me to the great love of my life and I am so very grateful and happy.

One thing I am currently working on is allowing myself to receive love. After years of being independent, stubborn and set in my ways, it is difficult for me to allow someone to do kind things for me. Unfortunately in my case I feel awkward when allowing myself to receive. I am learning to let go and to let another help me and that is definately a new sensation. I am a work in progress, and in this case thank goodness for impermanence. Because I like and love myself I am able to love without conditions, there is no selfishness, jealously or worry. I know that I trust him 100% and feel absolutely at ease and safe. I am able to be perfectly comfortable with my best friend and partner. It is amazing and so wonderful. My fairy tale can be yours too.

If you feel lost, confused or hurt pray for yourself and ask for a miracle of insight. Ask your loved ones and God source for help every day. Ask that you receive wisdom to do the impossible or mend a broken road. Know that you are stronger than your greatest fear. You are not too old, too fat, too co-dependent, too poor, or stupid to change your life. Do your best to let go of outcomes and become your own best friend. Learn to live life with an open and raw heart. My hardest days were when I just sat and truly felt my pain. I felt it in the depths of my soul, and what I found was that pain was like a crying baby once given proper attention and respect it stopped crying. When we hold our pain with respect and attention it lessons. I learned the most delicious things about myself one time by dating someone who hurt me deeply. When I opened my heart to the hurt and healed it, I attracted my beautiful soul mate. I am doing the best I can day by day. I am so grateful for all the good and bad in my life and wouldn’t change a thing. I am open and will love hard until the day I die.

I wish when people were suffering I could say, “Okay, you need to do A,B, and C and this is what will happen.” That would be ideal, but then I guess it wouldn’t be living. You may want to seek the advice of a counselor, a therapist, a religious member or a medium, and I suggest doing all of the above, but when it comes down to it, it is something your soul and heart have to agree upon and you’ll have to make the decisions yourself. You may find comfort in writing a journal, spending time with friends, loading your IPod with verve or seeking a spiritual solution. I read books, too many of them I think. There isn’t any clear cut path for you to take other than agreeing to love yourself right now and knowing that love is there for you without a doubt.