Friday, March 26, 2010

I Need Your Help!

If you have lost a child or know someone who has experienced the unthinkable but has witnessed a miracle or message from their child who has crossed over, and would like to share their experience on television to give other parents hope, please send your email to Please repost this if you'd like to help.


  1. Moriah,
    We met about a month ago in Dubuque. My oldest son, passed on to a better life 6 days following a horrific fiery airplane crash in Wisconsin. Your messages from Grant gave me the most comfort, hope and peace I've had in the past year and a half. I truly believe that his spirit continues to be with us always. Thanks you for sharing your amazing gifts with us. I look forward to getting together in the future.
    My heartfelt thanks,

  2. Hi Moriah,

    You have met with me several times. We have not really discussed the accident with my son. I received a letter that was given to my sister to be given to me from a lady unknown to me that he contacted to give this message to me. She gave it to me the day they were leaving to go back home after spending days with me and my family through the funeral and days after. She did not tell me about it just gave me the letter and a book and said when I had time maybe I should read. I waited about 2 days before I came across the book and then saw the letter. When i read the letter it was such a comfort and felt as though it was truly a miracle because it was signed by him as if he had written it himself. I immediately called her and asked where the letter came from. She then explained to me how she received the letter. If you think this is of interest to you to know more it is to lengthy to write. I had many signs from him but at first believed i was just grieving and possibly crazy!! But know better today - he is still with me.

  3. Moriah,

    I have met with you several times and you have been right on always with my daughter that is gone just over 5 years now. First time was 14 months after her death and you were the first to tell me I wasn't crazy cause she is still with me as I thought. She comes through very strongly and full of details. She has changed the color of some flowers in my garden to her favorite color from the first bloom after we lost her and every years since. She has pranked her father in funny loving ways, like clogging our gutters in the rain and tickeling his head over and over.....the list goes on and on !! Most all confirmed by her coming through with your readings, It is the peace I hold on to for surviving by knowing you can't understand, but you can know, your love it greater than the world can explain and it is forever!!!!