Saturday, July 31, 2010

Advanced Class Saturday August 21,2010

East Dubuque,IL- On Saturday August 21,2010 from 11am-5 I will conduct an Advanced Class at the Captain Merry Guest House just outside Galena, IL.

You will learn to unlock your innate intuitive abilities. Learn to become more positive in everyday life, learn the principals of self forgiveness, and become more clear with receiving spiritual messages in your every day life.

The step by step class will guide you to demystifying the mystical and by doing so will open new doors to alternate realities.

The advanced course is for students who believe in the spiritual realm and are open to new ideas and concepts. It is not a class for people questioning their spirituality.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a pillow and or blanket for guided meditations. Please bring a notebook and pen. A personal object such as jewelry or a watch, or wallet should be brought for the psycometry exercise. A Questionnaire will be handed out at the beginning of the session. Make sure to bring your sense of humor as well.

Water, fruit and snacks will be provided. Bring snacks if you care to.

Refunds will be given 7 days prior to class, after that date no refunds will be issued.

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